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Staff Testimonials

" ...easy going work environment - no stress.   Great co-workers "  

Sean Dupuis

"..working at Fenety Marketing is a real experience, due to the variety of clients that we work for."

Jim Hannah

"Fenety Marketing offers a Fun, friendly and rewarding atmosphere, while fundraising for very worthwhile organizations."  

Jimmy Doucette

"...I got the chance to know a lot of good people and advance very quickly....Now I have a career, not just a job..."  


Dave Thibideau

" There is not a day that goes by without an effort by someone to try and improve your day...I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to be rewarded for a good days work."  
Ralph Guitard

"It's been a pleasure working at Fenety Marketing Services these past eight years. I find the office atmosphere to be comfortably professional, high-paced and challenging, yet friendly and fun. The induction of the FISH! Philosophy has exemplified the friendly, giving nature of the company, and I believe that the employees, as well as our clients, feel the difference."


Kathy Gilbert

"Through my work at Fenety Marketing, I help others. The people here are the best. They love to play and always make me feel welcome. Being paid to help others and working with great people. How good is that? "


J.P. Roy

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