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What We Do

Fenety Marketing Services
is dedicated to assisting high profile, non-profit and charitable organizations with professional telemarketing and fundraising services.

Fenety Marketing's reputation for excellence in providing conscientious, professional telemarketing campaign management reflects the skills and experience of a dedicated team of professionals.

The on-going successful presentation of unique Family Entertainment Events , the publication of well received Awareness Guides, Crime Prevention Guides and Military Service Recognition Books , provides high profile, non-profit organizations with guaranteed positive results.

Fenety Marketing Services expertise in assembling annual publications for Police Associations, Crime Stoppers, Royal Canadian Legions and others provides excellent educational resources, public relations benefits and the necessary monetary returns that its valued clients require to successfully operate their respective organizations and carry out their important mandates.

Fenety Marketing Services also enhances the community profiles of non-profit, charitable organizations by successfully presenting special family entertainment events , such as the highly acclaimed Tim Hortons All Stars Annual Benefit Hockey Games, featuring a dedicated team of volunteer ex-NHL and other former professional hockey players that have successfully raised over $1,500,000 for Atlantic Canada's communities over the past 10 years. A successful special event gets the whole community talking and is a great way to raise awareness and boost Fenety Marketing's valued clients profile and credibility.

Other special events, including the presentation of Benefit Softball Games, or other forms of Family Entertainment, are available upon request.

Please contact us to discuss how we may be able to assist your organization in achieving its annual fundraising objectives.
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